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Logging in from the Feed page

Logging in from the Feed page

Short, concise description of the idea
When logging in from the Feed page, redirect to Friends if that’s the user’s preference

Full description of the idea
There is a profile preference allowing one to choose between the Friends page and a Feed page. There are various reasons to prefer Friends and never want to see Feed.

Once in a while, my login cookie expires and I get logged out. When that happens, the next time I visit my Friends page, I get redirected to Feed. I catch a glimpse of irrelevant posts and advertisement in an unfamiliar page style, say a bad word or two, wash my eyes in acid, and click the Login link in the corner. Then I enter my user name and password, check [x] Remember me, and finally click Log In.

After that, I’m logged in but stay on the Feed page.

I suggest that, when:

* the login form is activated from a user’s Feed page,
* if that exact user logs in,
* and that user’s preference is for the Friends page,

then logging in should return a redirect to the user’s Friends page.

Alternatively, the implementation of the Feed page needs to be finished. It should be styled with the user’s (or reader’s) preferred scheme, theme, and custom CSS; and, when the scheme is Lynx, avoid setting a font face, size, color, or background. If these conditions were satisfied, I would not be as averse to using the Feed page.

An ordered list of benefits
  • Decreased cursing
  • Decreased wasting of acid
An ordered list of problems/issues involved
  • The downside to the alternative suggestion is that it might require updating all themes.
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