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Support secure connections by default

Support secure connections by default

Short, concise description of the idea
All connections to LiveJournal should be over HTTPS, not HTTP; all email from LiveJournal should be via secure connection, not insecure.

Full description of the idea
Insecure web connections are becoming very dangerous.

They do not only secure browsing; they largely eliminate the risk of code injection and drive-by exploits.

Please secure all web connections to LiveJournal, not just the login part. Require https. It's faster, too!

This includes outbound email; LJ comment notifications often contain sensitive information and links, but are one of the few emails I receive that are still transmitted in the clear.

Here is additional background:

An ordered list of benefits
  • Contents of communication are private between LJ and the viewer.
  • Much lower risk of malicious content injection. I hate the thought of having my readers getting their computer hacked just for viewing my blog.
  • HTTPS is now faster than HTTP, in some cases almost twice as fast.
  • Browsers show warnings to users for insecure connections, scaring away potential readers.
  • Google has already started ranking insecure websites lower than secure ones; this harms the LJ brand.
  • Some major browsers (e.g., Chrome) are disabling some features for insecure connections.
  • Let's Encrypt offers free, public, and automated SSL/TLS certificates.
An ordered list of problems/issues involved
  • Changing over will require development effort, and require LiveJournal to acquire and maintain a signing certificate.
  • Introduces overhead on the server-side (of less than 1% CPU load).
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