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Support Request Volunteers -- More 'Options'

Support Request Volunteers -- More 'Options'

Short, concise description of the idea
Three ideas that might help non-priv'd support request volunteers better do their 'jobs'.

Full description of the idea
Simple, just three new ideas: 1) Two choices, instead of one: both screened answer [current form of reply] and comments [so that we may also add comments, such as to ask the person who submitted a request to make a more detailed description of their request]. 2) Screened answers that the author [person who submitted the screened answers] considers as incorrect can be deleted/edited by the author. That way, priv'd volunteers would not have to search through so many screened answers, esp. if the non-priv volunteer realized some mistake they made on their answers and, using the current system, would have to submit a whole new screened answer in addition to the incorrect one that they have already submitted. 3) Non-priv'd volunteers may see screened answers. That way, they would be able to determine whether they would be capable of writing a more detailed [or simply, better] answer than the previously submitted replies. [This, #3, is sort of sparked by this: . Please read the comments, too :] That's about it..except, if you want to see my original request in SR, this is the link: . If it closes, the SR# is 32628. Thank you if you would take this into consideration; I sincerely believe that this would make the 'job' of some of the non-priv'd volunteers working at Support much easier. [I sort of know, since I am currently doing work there, as a non-priv'd volunteer :] PS. Of course, these ideas may be altered a little..such as, for the 'comments' choice, it can be changed to allowing priv'd support volunteers to approve screened answers as either 1) answer or 2) comment. Do whatever you like; I would be glad enough that you would take this into consideration! :]

An ordered list of benefits

  • Work for non-priv'd volunteers.
  • Less hassle [maybe] for priv'd volunteers [less answers to look through]
  • Maybe more people wanting to help out at Support.
  • Some people would not waste as much time answering questions which they think will not be better than the previously submitted ones [screened answers].
  • Overall, [also my 'goal', so to speak..] makes Support volunteer [both priv'd and non-priv'd] work easier.
  • An ordered list of problems/issues involved

  • Some may abuse the use of comments [for which the idea of allowing priv'd volunteers to approve screened answers as commets or answers would be good].
  • People who are not serious about support work may abuse the use of extra choices.
  • Some people might think that their answers [which might be correct] are incorrect, and delete them.
  • Deletion by accident.
  • An organized list, or a few short paragraphs detailing suggestions for implementation

  • Make available the "comment" choice for those without support priv's [add to 'menu']. OR make "comment" available to choices of forms of approvement for priv'd volunteers.
  • Do whatever it was done so that priv'd volunteers were able to see screened answers [WiTHOUT the "approve" choice].
  • Add edit/delete option [like a link or a button link] next to screened answers that a specific LJ user made.
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