Lady Lorelei & The Siren's Song (thesirenssongsl) wrote in suggestions,
Lady Lorelei & The Siren's Song

PLEASE give us an option to have old-style profiles, post pages

PLEASE give us an option to have old-style profiles, post pages

Short, concise description of the idea
Please offer an option for users who preferred the old style profile pages and posting pages. The newer style is really uncomfortable, awkward and uninspiring.

Full description of the idea
I am requesting an option to return to the profile and "post an entry" pages of old. At one point in time - I got my first Livejournal in 2002 - you could make interesting, personalised profile pages. Now, they all look uniformly bloated and boring. Same with the "post an entry" page. I can't even see my user pictures now, only a list of keywords. Maybe some people memorise 15-100 images by keywords but I doubt most do. The "post an entry" page is so ugly and swelled now. It's really not inspiring. I don't know why the changes to this "style" have been made but they are really ruining what I enjoyed about LJ. I understand people with damaged eyesight and those who are unable to manipulate a mouse or touchpad may need everything oversized but why does everyone need to have a uniform profile page now? I have had 4 LJs, including a paid one at one time and now I'm probably leaving LJ.

An ordered list of benefits
  • Allows individuality
  • Give users a chance to decide what kinds of forms and page layouts make them feel inspired
  • Gives those who have supported LJ for years the ability to use LJ how they like to
An ordered list of problems/issues involved
  • None that I can foresee, you used to have it that way.
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