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Newsfeeds also for to-do lists/tags; show all update options on user-info page

Newsfeeds also for to-do lists/tags; show all update options on user-info page

Short, concise description of the idea
This mingles together three related features (1/main) to give the to-do list page its own RSS-feed, (2/maybe) the same for often-used tags, and (3) get a short overview of feeds+how to subscribe.

Full description of the idea
Imagine the user-info to have a section which shortly lists all available newsfeeds, and 2 fat buttons: "Subscribe" (="Add friend" and have all options within LJ's website interface) + "Howto" use newsfeeds (=link to a short help page). You could then link (anchor) to this section from the your journal's link list: "Click here for updates!". :)

Many readers just want to be notified "what's going on" every few weeks. LJ's nice feature of to-do lists is perfect for this ^^ and people will want to subscribe directly to it.

An ordered list of benefits
  • Visitors with very little time can limit what updates they will receive.
  • They don't have to leave the LiveJournal-site in order to inform themselves about how to handle RSS.
  • Non-techie users normally revisit a place over and over again via URL/bookmark, and often are being disappointed when there's nothing new - to find a place where all automatic subscriptions are accessible and explained easily, would help to keep+satisfy those readers. =)
An ordered list of problems/issues involved
  • This needs discussion/consensus. I'm sure it has been considered before by many, and it's rather a nightmere to suggest such. X) Sometimes it's better not to try define things, otherwise one big reason why blog stats are often so much lower than those of a personal website.
  • Some will say "they should learn how to use RSS! why care about those who don't?!", however - if many in your audience are unexperienced, a lack of easy access will impact your journal's success, and as a blogger you're usually not in the position to make demands.
  • It's perhaps good to compare with how Facebook solves the problem most successfully: non-loggedin visitors get a bold overlay with registration form in order to "connect to" the bloggers/actors/politicians/etc. - So many are on Facebook, that its interface replaces the need to know how to use technology; they simply register. But if you are on smaller blog-communities where it's less likely someone will sign up and revisit, one has to explain the other options, as short as possible/"one click".
  • This last problem would lead to another suggestion: Labels for the type of entry (bulletin, technical note, longer diary entry, shared bookmark, todo-list item, blog, essay - or like: important/medium/small) one could subscribe to. = Tags would need options how to manually limit the list of available update-channels to a reasonable number.
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