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permanent icon space + unlimited icon space (for an increased fee)

permanent icon space + unlimited icon space (for an increased fee)

Short, concise description of the idea
I propose that LiveJournal start offering PERMANENT and UNLIMITED icon space for an increased but still affordable fee that will entice customers to keep coming back to buy more icons--and spend more at LiveJournal.

Full description of the idea
There are a lot of users (myself included) who would LOVE more icon space--icons are, after all, the way that users express their individuality in posts and entries that are not part of their personal journals--but aren't interested in paying a yearly subscription fee just for them. In fact, there are HUNDREDS of communities and journals on LiveJournal that are dedicated solely to creating and posting icons for other people to use here on LiveJournal. As you can imagine, with all of these icons available to us users, the standard 15-icon limit seems an incredibly inadequate amount of icon space. The 3-icon package deal (which grants customers an extra 15 icons for one year for $6) grants a little more space but hardly enough to be considered adequate for self-expression. A subscribed user may claim up to 210 icons, but only after several months and subscription renewals later, and as I said earlier, there are a lot of people like myself who are interested only in having more icon space but do not want to purchase a subscription just for it. So, I propose that LiveJournal start offering unlimited, permanent icon space for an increased fee. For example, let's say you incorporate this idea and that you offer one extra icon space per $1. You have a bunch of interested users who have a few extra icons saved on their PCs that they'd like to upload onto LiveJournal but can't because they've run out of icon space, so they each purchase five extra icon spaces (the same amount in one small icon package, which is $2 yearly) for $5; you've not only met the profit you would have made from selling one small icon package to each of these customers but MORE THAN DOUBLED IT. Plus, the fact that you're offering one icon space for a small, one-time fee will entice multiple purchases. After a given user buys, say, five dollars' worth of icon space, and uses it for a few months, he/she will probably decided to buy another set of icons--maybe for just $3 this time, or another $5, for even $10 if he/she has found a lot more icons that he/she wants to use. But the point is, this user (plus other users) will figure, "Hey, I want more icons on my journal, it's only x amount of money for the x amount of icons that I found and want to use, and it's a one-time-only fee, so what the heck? I'll do it!" At this rate (which is customizable to customers' wants), customers will spend $15, $20, $25, or more in one year on icons--virtually the same amount as they would for a subscription. And as long as there are hundreds of icon communities out there and the amount of icon space remains permanent and limitless, they WILL keep coming back for more, because as I said, icons are THE way to express yourself on LiveJournal. When you post on a community or send a message to someone, it's not your profile or custom CSS that other people see--it's the icon that's next to your username!

An ordered list of benefits
  • -Increased sales for LiveJournal. As noted above, even if you sell one icon space for just $1, you will have more than doubled the profit that you have made by selling it as part of a small icon package—virtually covering two one-package fees and a half (which equates to two years and a half).
    -More options plus better deals for customers. Customers love having options and being able to invest in things that will benefit them in the long run (especially in the current market, which is dragging during this slow economic time). Offering permanent, limitless icon space will allow them to customize their icon space purchases to their own financial needs—plus, allowing them to buy as many icon spaces as they want at a time will entice them to spend more money over a longer period of time.
    -Going off the last point: the long-term deal versus the short-term. Subscriptions are only short-term and last as long as someone maintains interest in the product to which they’ve subscribed. Long-term deals catch customers when they’re still interested in the product and encourage them to spend more on that product.
    -Because customers will spend more on permanent, limitless icon space, the increased demand for icons will generate more traffic to the aforementioned icon communities and thus LiveJournal in general.
    -Offering the best deal on icon space will give LiveJournal a marketing edge over its competitors (other blogging sites such as DreamWidth and Blogger).
An ordered list of problems/issues involved
  • -Over a long period of time, older users may stop buying icon space if they lose interest in putting more icons on their account. HOWEVER, I’d wager that most would not, as they’d realize that they’ve already invested quite a bit in LiveJournal in icon space alone.
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