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Add FAQ #326 hyperlink to th"Memorial" text in journals of deceased users

Add FAQ #326 hyperlink to th"Memorial" text in journals of deceased users

Short, concise description of the idea
In the standard "Memorial" header text ("This journal is a memorial...") add a hyperlink from the word "memorial" to FAQ #326 which explains more.

Full description of the idea
When an LJ is placed in "Memorial" status, the journal pages are headed by a notice saying it's a memorial, but there's no link to explain what that means or what can be done if anything needs doing. SOmeone who wants to know what can be done, or what it means, has no easy way to find out. People may see the message shortly after a death and it would be useful to make information more findable. Hyperlinking the word "memorial" in the displayed header to FAQ #326 which explains memorial LJ status, would be good.

An ordered list of benefits
  • Persons unfamiliar with LJ would be more readily able to learn or understand about memorial journals - especially of people they knew - and what posts or actions are and aren't now possible, and why. So it improves discoverability and use for these sensitive pages.
  • Especially in the aftermath of a death (which is how I came across this) - people may be raw and hurting, or may want/need to know a bit about memorial accounts to see if anything must be done. If someone else more experienced has tagged it as a memorial, then this hyperlink would help any subsequent readers by explaining what is in effect an LJ in-house term to people who may not be aware of it. Otherwise they may not easily or ever find out. Making it easy is good.
  • It's in-house jargon. Even if moderately obvious, it has nuances that are not. Linking to its explanatory page seems obvious and I'm a bit surprised this static hyperlink hasn't already been added to the template.
An ordered list of problems/issues involved
  • None apparent. It's an added hyperlink.
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