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Big problem for Russian-speaking users and my suggestion

Big problem for Russian-speaking users and my suggestion

Short, concise description of the idea
Huge number of LJ users are Russian-speaking people leaving outside of Russia, from Australia to Germany or Russia citizens traveling abroad. They complain that they cannot participate in discussions comfortably

Full description of the idea
There are hundred thousands former USSR citizens (from its various Republics) and from modern Russia.
Many of them are LJ users and would like to use Cyrillic during LJ discussions.

Their complaint which I saw zillion times here:

"As we live outside Russia and also often use LJ at work or while traveling, we cannot use system keyboard for Russian input. We have to use very tedious way of typing Cyrillic on some special Web site and then copy the text to LJ window."

It's bad enough, because even to correct one-letter typo, such user has to go to that site again and then copy/paste again, but here is the main complaint (especially for the 'hot' discussions which often happen here in Comments):

"We find it very important to type a Comment while seeing the discussion and the Comment to which we are replying to. But it is not possible unfortunately as we have to input the Cyrillic text not in LJ directly but on some other Web site"


An ordered list of benefits
  • My suggestion:  I offer my Cyrillic Virtual Keyboard (free; Open Source code) - Russian and Ukrainian - which can be attached to LJ input area by only two HTML statements!
  • My Virtual Keyboard is already attached to input fields on many sites where users need Cyrillic as well as on many forums based on phpBB, SMF, IPB, vBulletin.
  • It has many tune-up parameters, such as interface language (English or Russian), the position, etc.
  • Here are just two variants of attaching it (working examples) to show how it works:

nbsp;    1) "Flying keyboard" (can be moved around the screen)

           Russian interface: ; English interface      2) Keyboard opens under input area:

nbsp;      Russian interface: ; English interface:

  • Please see more details on the page "How to use this Vistual Keyboard on your own site or forum" (see "Method 2" there as it's what those LJ users desire: type right in the LJ input field):

             In Russian: ; In English:

if you think that it would be nice addition to LJ - to be used by thousands of users! - please let me know and I provide needed files and instruction for that attachment process via the addition of only 2 lines of HTML code.


An ordered list of problems/issues involved
  • No issues really:
  • he Virtual Keyboard does not make a page "heavier" as its code is loaded only after a user decides to call it(only small, 14k "loader" code is present on a page)
  • it is not "on the way" or "into your face" - just a button or even a line (link) under LJ input area
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