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"Storage folder" for userpics (removed from keywords, but still present in LJ)

"Storage folder" for userpics (removed from keywords, but still present in LJ)

Short, concise description of the idea
Userpics that aren't used as frequently as before should be stored in a special folder that keeps the key word from appearing in the username list, but still has the image appear in the entries/comments it was used with.

Full description of the idea
Most people change their userpics over time for a variety of reasons, e. g. because fandoms change, they get older and use more "grown-up" userpics etc.

If you have a paid account with a lot of userpic slots you're fortunate enough to be able to simply add userpics as you see fit, and switch to the new batch.

However, ALL userpics a user has uploaded appear in the keyword list, even if many of them aren't actually used anymore. The problem is that if the old pics are deleted to decrease the list of keywords, they also - naturally - disappear from the entries/comments they were once matched with. In that case only the current default userpic is shown.

I'd like to propose to program some sort of folder in the userpic section where userpics that are currently not needed, but should still be available to appear in older entries/comments, can be moved. They would no longer appear in the keyword list, but would not disappear from old entries/comments.

An ordered list of benefits
  • a short keyword list that only contains the keywords that are in use at any point in time; scrolling through a hundred keywords to get to the bottom one wouldn't be necessary anymore.
  • if the new redesigned Update Page still shows the userpic images instead of just the keywords, this list would also be considerably shorter and less problematic to load, hence may make users a lot happier with the layout adjustment.
  • People could rely on their entries/comments keeping the userpics they once chose for them (e. g. a "birthday" userpic for a birthday entry, a Star Trek userpic for a Sci-Fi-related comment...).
An ordered list of problems/issues involved
  • Not sure how this would work from a programmer's point of view, but would definitely need some planning and implementation time.
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