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Clearly flag tagging permissions for posts to communities

Clearly flag tagging permissions for posts to communities

Short, concise description of the idea
For many communities, creation of tags is limited to administrators-only, to prevent an ever-growing list of subcategories, misspellings, etc. For some communities, it's also the case that only administrators are able to apply tags to posts. It should be clear on the Post an Entry page whether either of these settings is in force for any given community.

Full description of the idea
When managing tag settings as a community, there are the options:

Who can create new tags and add or remove tags from entries? Anyone/Members only/Administrators only

Who can add existing tags to entries? Anyone/Members only/Administrators only/Entry author and administrators

On the Post An Entry page, it is not [as far as I know!] made clear which of these settings have been chosen for any given community, which can lead to confusion when e.g. someone is trying to be helpful by tagging their entry but adding tags to entries is restricted to administrators only. (The major use-case I've seen of this is in the community vaginapagina, where administrators choose entries that are particularly well-framed and have particularly useful discussions in comments to tag, in order to build up a "resource library" of past posts, which would be less information-dense and useful if all entries relating to a topic were tagged.)

Suggested solution: when somebody selects a community from the "post to..." drop-down, or clicks "post to [community]" in the navstrip, the "tags" area of the Post An Entry page should automatically update. One possible way this could work:

* if only administrators can /tag/ entries, the tag box should be greyed out with a brief legend to the tune of "only administrators can tag entries in this community". The full list of tags could perfectly well remain accessible, with a similar legend top & bottom and all the tick-boxes greyed out.

* if only administrators can /create/ tags, the tag box should have a brief explanation along the lines of "please choose from existing tags", and typing into the box should result in searching the community's current list of tags.

An ordered list of benefits
  • makes system more transparent, reducing confusion for users
An ordered list of problems/issues involved
  • potentially processing-power-hungry
  • requires dynamic updates of the "post an entry" page
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