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Improved Statistics Feature

Improved Statistics Feature

Short, concise description of the idea
Blogger has been ahead of the curve for years in this area. LJ needs to offer better stats.

Full description of the idea
People are blogging on other sites and one of the appealing reasons to leave LJ and go elsewhere is the ability to have more stats on what readers are looking at when they come to your page.

For the brave few of us who are still on LJ and would rather not migrate to a different journal / blogging platform, an improvement in the Statistics area would be helpful... and an incentive!

An ordered list of benefits
  • Search Terms -> Being able to know how people found your LJ and what they are wanting to read can improve quality of posts. Also, Blogger has offered this (for free!) for years. Why can't LJ offer it at least for Paid Users?

  • Referrals -> What sites & sources people have clicked in from and also what post were they on when they left?
  • Mostly it's about the Search Terms -> Seriously, if you want to keep the long-time people who love to blog / write / share their photography in one place, I'm strongly advocating this point a second time.
An ordered list of problems/issues involved
  • No drawbacks.
  • Personally, as a long-time LJ user, I think this site should focus less on being about "Games" (Facebook has that annoying part covered) and return to being more about the journal (or blogging) because that's what this site was made for and in some remaining active & flourishing communities, it's reflected there.
  • Please stop making me think of migrating elsewhere over something so simple as statistics that surely LiveJournal can improve upon.
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