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Can NOT rely on "back" button to preserve form contents

Can NOT rely on "back" button to preserve form contents

Short, concise description of the idea
Browsers don't always maintain form contents when you hit "Back" from a Comment preview.

Full description of the idea
When previewing a comment, you can NOT rely on the "Back" button to preserve the contents of the form, especially if the user has taken a while to write it. In IE especially, the browser will often reload the "Post Comment" form (empty) because it will have expired in the browser cache.

An ordered list of benefits

    1. Saves users from losing long comments!
  • An ordered list of problems/issues involved

    1. A lot of effort people put into writing comments gets thrown away because their browsers don't preserve it in the cache!
  • An organized list, or a few short paragraphs detailing suggestions for implementation

  • There are some simple fixes for this:
    1. Pass an HTTP "Expires" header on the "Post Comment" form with a date in the far future (e.g., "Expires: Mon, 31 Dec 2010 12:00:00 GMT"). This will tell (standards-compliant) browsers NOT to automatically reload the (empty) form when the user hits the "Back" button.
    2. More importantly, add an "Edit" button next to the "Submit" button on the "Preview Comment" page. You are already passing the contents of the comment in the hidden "Body" tag of the form, so it's simple to re-create the "Post Comment" form in the state the user left it, rather than relying on the browser not to throw the form contents away.

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