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The "FAQ" link in top navbar should go to the FAQ

The "FAQ" link in top navbar should go to the FAQ

Short, concise description of the idea
The link labeled "? FAQ" in the grey navbar doohicky across the top of pages, the name of which I forget, should actually go to and not like it currently does.

Full description of the idea
I think links should go where they say they do.

Or, alternatively, someplace really funny, q.v.

Presently, the "? FAQ" link violates the principles of both least surprise and comedy.

An ordered list of benefits
  • 1) People looking for the FAQ would find it more easily.
  • 2) People would be able to navigate to the FAQ in one click instead of two.
  • 3) World peace.
  • 4) People who know what a FAQ is but who are new to LJ might conclude upon reaching the Support page that that is what LJ thinks a FAQ is, not realizing there is an actual FAQ, and proceed to the assumption that the people who run LJ aren't very bright or are surprisingly ignorant.
  • 5) Cure for psoriasis.
  • 5a) Well, how do you know it won't?
  • 6) ???
  • 7) Profit.
  • 8) Fewer people submitting support requests that could have been addressed by reading the FAQ, if only they knew it was there.
An ordered list of problems/issues involved
  • While those unfamiliar with LJ and its culture might think this would be as simple a prospect as editing an HTML link in a .bml file or other perl-based include.
  • Actually, however, this functionality change had probably better be supported by a contingent opt-in system, which will require:
  • 1) the addition of a check box to a pane of the Account Management pages and associated javascript;
  • 2) addition of the relevant logic and editing of the SQL code in or wherever;
  • 3) database representation
  • 4) contingent logic in the navbar doohicky thing.
Tags: navigation strip, support, § no status
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