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Short, concise description of the idea
LJ plugs the communities that have been long established in the spotlight, but what about communities that are new and trying to get off the ground?

Full description of the idea
There should be a section of the Home Page (or somewhere else noticeable) dedicated to fledgling communities. The comm owner should submit the request for their comm to be featured and provide a summary of their comm as necessary. Just like the Spotlight, but dedicated to newer communities. Perhaps the "Popular Communities" section of the home page can be changed to "New Communities" on certain days of the week.

An ordered list of benefits
  • There are communities for advertizing already, however, many of those get spammed by the same poster and therefore, potential members tend to avoid them. This would give people a quick, simple way to discover new communities.
  • It would encourage creation of new communities which would liven things up on LJ outside of ONTD. Users would be more likely to join the new comms, make new friends, etc., which would discourage abandoning their own journals.
  • The maintainers promoting these new communities would be more likely to stay dedicated to their creation instead of making new comms and abandoning them for lack of activity caused by spamming in traditional promo communities.
  • It would be a reminder to users that there ARE options out there available to them outside comms that have been long established. LJ is not "dying" as many people say - it gets new members every day and the possibilities are continually growing. Again, less chance of getting bored and leaving LJ in favor of other, more dynamic, social media.
  • If the idea of changing "Popular Communities" on certain days is adopted, it wouldn't add anything else to the Home Page.
An ordered list of problems/issues involved
  • The Home page is already looking a bit cluttered - especially because of the long list of "popular entries." The issue can be avoided (see List of Benefits), but only if this is approached a certain way.
  • It could encourage creation of many ridiculous communities.
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