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the new idea to deleted account

the new idea to deleted account

Short, concise description of the idea
let's create a virtual cemetery for remote accounts

Full description of the idea
Well in livejournal to make so that the remote account appeared at once somewhere on a cemetery. Here you look, for example, a profile. And there someone from good friends left. Instead of contemplation of a sobbing goat, it is possible make the redirection on "grave" of the remote magazine there on a mogilka you can to leave the comment.
and for money you can also florets, and веночек and there is a lot of that. sepulchral business always was super - a pot of gold. These are 100 % success. And everything is pure, virtual, neither a smell, nor poison cadaveric to dig it is necessary nothing. Only money to row. Besides the late owner always can anonymously visit the mogilka and is captious look who there that who wrote also that put. And already to make the decision - to revive or почить for ever.

If will decide, can make "a cemetery of a user name of julik007". It will flatter my vanity.

Thanks. I am sorry for transfer. I not stupid, simply badly know English. I made transfer online on a site www.translate.ru

An ordered list of benefits
  • let's create a virtual cemetery for remote accounts
An ordered list of problems/issues involved
  • let's create a virtual cemetery for remote accounts
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