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Collapsable ajax arrow on Friends List page

Collapsable ajax arrow on Friends List page

Short, concise description of the idea
I'd love to be able to collapse and re-expand individual posts when I view my Friends List.

Full description of the idea
It would be great to be able to collapse and expand individual entries, when viewing our Friends List. I envision this feature as a tiny arrow -> embedded into each subject title. When clicked, that entry would collapse (perhaps into just the subject, perhaps into the subject + a few lines of the entry). Clicking the arrow again would expand the entry again, back to normal viewing. These settings would be remembered upon refreshing the Friends page.

An ordered list of benefits
  • * Long entries filled with photos could be collapsed once read, enabling easier and more pleasant reading.
  • * Users could use the "collapse entry" feature as a way of keeping track of entries the user wants to comment on in the future, a kind of indexing system for greater community interaction.
  • * Potentially offensive content could be dealt with by the user immediately and easily.
  • * It would be a general improvement to the basic LiveJournal user experience, improving "workflow" and making community engagement more pleasant and efficient.
An ordered list of problems/issues involved
  • * Is ajax too labor-intensive for the way the current Friends List refreshing system works?
  • * If so, and it couldn't be done with an instantaneous ajax collapse button, an opt-in system that gives users the opportunity to collapse individual entries even if that means a hard refresh of the FL after each click, would still be nice.
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