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Saving/Adding notes for users via the admin console

Saving/Adding notes for users via the admin console

Short, concise description of the idea
Would like to get an automated (via the admin console) ability of saving/adding notes for users.

Full description of the idea
Currently there is no way to set a note for a user (and thus - users) via the admin console nor any other way of saving/loading notes for a bunch of users at the same time, without editing each and every one of them separately via their profiles (or pop-up thingie).

This is very inconvenient, because of inability to share my notes with my friends. Example: my friends and I are huge cat-lovers. But then there are people, who hate cats, even to the point of killing and eating them. There is no way any of us would change our personal opinion (belief). So it would be best for everybody if our group would know about opinions of the other people beforehand, so we wouldn't even start talking about cats' cuteness so that nobody's feelings would get hurt in the end.

Currently everybody has to make his/her own note-list. This is a highly redundant process as everybody has to spend their own valuable time and mental health simply to learn things about userX, which some of the friends already know about and would tell in Real Life (e.g. "Don't date that girl - she is crazy").

It would be so much easier and more convenient to have the ability to save and load a bunch of notes at the same time (for the purpose of exchanging them).

It has the same convenience as the old "There are some spammers lurking around. Here is a list of 200 of them - just copy&paste my ban list into admin console and that's it!" method.

But now it would be "Here is a list of my notes on people, about their abilities, their beliefs, their behaviours - you can add these notes to you, so you don't have to start identifying jerks/saints from the scratch".

I have noticed this feature not so long ago, but I have already noticed how much easier it is to ignore stupid people, when they have "The guy is constantly trolling - IGNORE!" written next to their name.

Spammers, scammers, flooders, active-ban-hammerists, trolls, foul-language-haters, racists, members-of-political-party-X, vegans, capitalists, Holocaust-deniers, etc... It's so much easier and convenient to talk with people with even the most opposite beliefs/behaviours if one knows about it beforehand!.. Or deciding not to talk to them at all.

Too bad there is currently no convenient way to make this work. :(

I think you should decide if the feature is good or bad. If it's bad, then you should get rid of it. If you agree with me and think that this is a very cool and useful feature, then you should do everything in your power to market it to all users (let people know that this feature even exists).

And I believe that such inability to share one's notes with each other is the biggest reason behind people not even being aware of the whole note-feature. I believe more people would use it, if only they knew this cool feature exists.

Make it happen, please! :)

An ordered list of benefits
  • Implementing this feature would fix several problems and would bring several benefits:
    - Most people don't even know this super-cool feature exists. Making this feature known would bring attention to this LJ's cool know-how and improve SUP's image.
  • It would improve LJ's usability (in a broad sense) and people's enjoyment in communicating (or not communicating) with other bloggers, as they would know some basic stuff which would help adapt their message to each new individual (previously unknown to myself, but known to other people I took notes from)
  • People would get to know how they are perceived by other people and this might make them change their behaviour for the better, making talking and interacting a much more enjoyable and fruitful process.
An ordered list of problems/issues involved
  • I believe (being IT guy myself) that this feature has no drawbacks and isn't even that hard to implement, but could still give an unique advantage over other blog/social services.
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