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Multiple accounts

Multiple accounts

Short, concise description of the idea
User be able to access more than one livejournal account at once.

Full description of the idea
I have more than one livejournal account. I would love to be able to be logged in to all my accounts at once..or at least be able to go from one account to the other without having to log in and out every time. So, my suggestion is allow us to be able to log into more than one account at a time.

Or, do something like hotmail did. I have multiple hotmail email accounts that I use for different things. I am able to sync those accounts. So, that if I'm logged into one account I can toggle though a list of my accounts, select it, and boom I'm in my other email account. Super easy and quick navigation between accounts.

An ordered list of benefits
  • People will probably update and log into old accounts more
    It will be easier to log into multiple counts. So, people will update all accounts more often and have more diversity of content they want to write about.
  • I have different friends list on my accounts. If I'm in the middle of writing on one journal and want to reference something that a friend wrote on another account I can do that more easily. Quicker and more concise content.
  • People will actually want to come on here to write or read about ALL the different subjects they want to.
  • In one easy navigable sitting they can go from their food journal, to feminism journal, to regular daily life journal, and gardening journal!!
An ordered list of problems/issues involved
  • Well, maybe security risks? If one account is compromised then all the others are. Really though thats up to the user. Not your problem. They make the decision. Have some fort of agreement that covers your butt ;D
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