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Editing comments as stand-alone feature

Editing comments as stand-alone feature

Short, concise description of the idea
Have a new, "light" paid account or paid extra feature to have only this feature available to plus accounts.

Full description of the idea
Paid account has many, many interesting features, including more icons and more control over html to cite a couple. However, especially for people jobless or for students that don't live on LJ, pay the annual current fee, though it's not an high price, could be stressing for their wallets.
I know many people who'd like to have a paid account only to get the ability to edit comments (especially for us non-natives), but aren't eager to pay a full paid account only to get that feature.

What I suggest is create a new type of paid account more affordable, perhaps 5/6$ year to have only this feature. LJ gives the possibility to pay for more icons without the need of a paid account, so why don't give the same chance to people who don't wish to have extra icons available but more control over their comments?

I use this place so I'd like to give my contribution to its life, but I really cannot afford to pay 24 and more dollars, especially since I'm not interested in 99% of the features available with a paid account - many are cool, but I, as many other users, don't need them.

An ordered list of benefits
  • More people willing to pay to get this feature so more income for LJ.
  • Less broken tags and html issues in comment.
  • Less deleted and reposted comments to fix hmtl and grammar/typo errors so (I suppose) less bandwitdh used.
An ordered list of problems/issues involved
  • Less full paid accounts?
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