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Better Subscription Management

Better Subscription Management

Short, concise description of the idea
Add more options to the subscription box, which include number of subscriptions, dates, comments, etc

Full description of the idea
1. Add a counter to the subscriptions area that keeps tab of how many current subscriptions you have. (All types of accounts)

2. Have the date you subscriped to said entry, comment, tag, etc. (All types of accounts)

3. Allow for a user to input comments to their subscriptions. (Example: I keep tab of a lot of kinkme prompts in numerous fandoms, and many of them are WIP's (Work in Progress), and some are updated sporadically. I would like to have personal comments put in that helps me keep tabs of where I left off reading on said fic, so when it's updated from the author, I know where they/and me, left off previously). (Paid and Perm. Accounts)

4. Another user mentioned this, but FOLDERS would be great for better management. (I have A LOT of subscriptions, putting subs from certain comms, users, tags, into properly named folders, would be so much easier to search/manage. (Paid and Perm. Accounts)

5. That brings me last, but not least, to a search function. This would be very helpful, especially to those with MANY subs. Maybe allow search by keyword, title, or username (which would include comm usernames as well). (Paid and Perm. Accounts)

An ordered list of benefits
  • Management
  • Accessibility
An ordered list of problems/issues involved
  • Can't think of any
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