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Deleting Comments/Community Posts made by purged journals.

Deleting Comments/Community Posts made by purged journals.

Short, concise description of the idea
Allowing those with a purged journal to have all their comments/community posts deleted.

Full description of the idea
Now when deleting a journal, users have the option of deleting all the comments/community posts made with that account. However, those who deleted their accounts before this feature was introduced were not given that option. No that it is an option, I suggest that those with deleted and purged accounts should also be able to have their comments and posts deleted if they choose. Basically, my suggestion is that this feature be made available to those who have deleted and purged their accounts but are now unable to log in and delete posts/comments they made.

I personally would have "waited" before deleting a previous journal I maintained as a teenager if I knew this new feature would become available.

An ordered list of benefits
  • This is a newer feature that has already been implemented by livejournal, just suggestion it be made an option for those who deleted their journal in the past and had it purged.
  • LJ gives users the right to delete their comments. This however can not be done from an account that has been purged, but many users now would like to remove content, often containing identifying personal information, pictures etc, that the user may not wish to have displayed anymore.
  • These comments may be posted in journals the user can no longer access, due to them not being friended by the user in question, but may not wish for them to have access to their information any longer.
  • Comments may have been posted in what was a "friend's only" journal at the time and it has since been switched to public, thus making sensitive or embarrassing information public. As a naive 17 year old, I had a discussion in my friend's journal about losing my virginity, a couple of years ago after a fight, she made it public, I can not delete those comments as my username is purged. This could really haunt me in the future.
  • Purged users would no longer have to worry about old comments they made being associated with their LJ username once they left LJ. This is becoming vital as a generation now grows up and realizes the impact these comments they have made can come back to haunt them. They may need to delete comments from purged accounts to avoid being fired/denied career opportunities etc.
  • It is only fair to give this feature to those who purged in the past, especially since these comments could still be on the internet in 20 years time.
An ordered list of problems/issues involved
  • Takes away from conversations in comments, but considering that those deleting their journal now can remove all their comments, it would just be "adding" to it, so to speak.
  • Having to prove you are the owner of the account. However, if a user still has access to their password/an email account, this should not be a problem anyway.
Tags: comment deletion, entry deletion, mass-editing, purged accounts, § no status
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