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Can we have a new LJ NEWS community?

Title: A new LJ News community

Short, concise description of the idea: A new community dedicated to the serious and real LJ news

Full description of the idea:
Can somebody at LJ make a real LJ news community..a community that won't even reference the fluff going on in the current news community? Take a look at the latest news post for an example. Most of it is unimportant fluff. I want to read the real news going on in the site. Only real news I'd even consider in this post is the free paid account trial. Can't you have the best of both worlds? If you want the silly news, keep on being a member here. Keep the silly stuff on this community. But shouldn't you also have an option for the people that want the LJ news directly and seriously? A community where you won't have to skim through pictures or fan fic or whatever.

Can this option be put on the table? I know people might think this is a pointless post. Nobody is forcing anybody to read the stuff they don't want to read. Scroll past it! Believe me when I say I do skim and scroll past the crap that I'm not interested in. Tbh I'd probably unsubscribe from the whole news community. Then ya have to worry about missing any important crumbs they toss out sometimes in the posts.

There's no need in taking away the other community for the people that like the fluff. I wouldn't want that to happen with the suggestion I'm making. I'd just like to see a second news community that focuses on the real LJ news.

Look at the last few pages of the current post: So many people are still in the dark about the comment notifications. I'm not getting all of mine either. It'd be nice for the serious news community to exist so somebody could pop over there and say "Oops! We know the notifications are a total mess right now. Our apologies. We're still fixing the problem. We're really trying to have the problem fixed by Friday. We'll update you before if the problem is fixed before then. We'll update you if we see any delays coming."

Will comment notifications even be mentioned in the next post? I'm having my doubts about anything being mentioned. Or I can see it being silly if this case is mentioned: "lolz, you guys weren't the only ones that didn't get comment notifications! Frank the goat didn't get his either. Only difference was he got the munchies and ate his computer. He walked over to Meme's house to check his email on her computer. She totally wouldn't let him in, y'all! She was concerned he would eat her computer as well! Frank wants you buy some v gifs so he can go to Best Buy and buy a new computer."

Here's the picture of the week:

This is the current news post if you want a link: http://news.livejournal.com/135178.html?page=1&view=94115594#comments

An ordered list of benefits
People could read the news easier and without a lot of scrolling

An ordered list of problems/issues involved:
I honestly can't really see any problems popping up. Like I said above, it'd be the best of both worlds as long as the serious LJ news focused on the serious stuff. Each person can choose which news community they wanted to belong to: the serious community or the fun! news community.
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