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Managing Friends Page Entries

Managing Friends Page Entries

Short, concise description of the idea
It would be really useful and efficient to be able to delete entries from the "Friends Page" once I've read/dealt with them.

Full description of the idea
Many really interesting comms produce bucketloads of entries that are not as individually interesting as the comm itself; I personally would follow a lot more comms than I already do if it were possible to filter, delete or hide/collapse friends page entries once I'd read them. Altough the Memories tag is useful, when you're popping in and out of LJ like I do it when you've only got a few minutes to spare at a time (and its a slow connection!) it can be confusing and time consuming. If friends page entries could be filtered by deleting as you go once you've read them, it would be so much easier to go back when you've got more time and respond or whatever. Then would be the time to tag any entries that you want to keep up with. I find the current display cumbersome, and most times just give up because I simply don't have the time to manage entries under the current system.

An ordered list of benefits
  • The ability to delete entries from the friends page would sped up the navigation of LJ and allow convenient access to a lot more comms and increase enjoyment of this function.
An ordered list of problems/issues involved
  • No doubt there are potential problems, but I'm sorry I'm not able to identify them. I guess potential drawbacks would stem from the way the suggested change was implemented. I'm a long way from knowing how that would be done :) Wonderful site, by the way ... I love it here!
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