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LiveJournal Styles

LiveJournal Styles

Short, concise description of the idea
When can we expect LiveJournal to encourage/invest in more journal styles?

Full description of the idea
I have been a paid LiveJournal user for many years. Every time the permanent account sale comes up, I struggle with the decision whether or not to buy one. I ultimately never buy one because of one thing -- the lack of fresh, modern LJ styles. The journal styles available on LiveJournal remains largely unchanged for long periods of time. Sure, you can find styles made by individuals elsewhere, but they are frequently buggy or outdated with LJ's most recent code. It would be nice if LiveJournal the company created more styles themselves, or at least encouraged good programmers to do so with more style contests. Right now, there is no motivation for people who know CSS to tackle LJ, when it's more rewarding to make themes for Wordpress, Drupal, etc. PLEASE could you focus on getting more themes, and more specifically, MODERN themes???

An ordered list of benefits
  • more LJ users in general
  • more paying LJ users
  • more vibrant communities due to an increased number of and more diverse collection of users
  • more attractive websites
  • better web content
An ordered list of problems/issues involved
  • you will need to have a desirable reward so that you attract people who can code a good-looking, bug-free style
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