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LJ-Cut Override

I appologize if this is a repeat suggestion, as I do not really have the time to scan this journal for a duplicate. :)

It has been repeatedly debated between several friends and I, and while I could go straight to Brad with the suggestion, I think it's best if we open the debate here. Many people agree that while it's a great feature when used in proper situations, like posts with oversized pictures or large amounts of them, it's being abused in that people would post a very small post, then lj-cut it. This becomes a pain in the ass after awhile when you're trying to read your friends page and having to click through on 15 posts, when you're at work and don't have all the time in the world to be doing this.

My proposal? An override in your settings to disable lj-cut on your friends page when you're logged in. This would make life alot more sane for those of us who would rather NOT see it because of the rampant misuse of it.
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