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Twitter Reposts

Twitter Reposts

Short, concise description of the idea
Please make it possible for users to Block Twitter Reposts from the Friends pages.

Full description of the idea
According to LJ Support when they were asked for a way to block twittinesis reposts from appearing on Friends page: "Thank you for your inquiry. LiveJournal does not currently offer a way to block only Twitter re-post entries from your Friends page."

Further it was suggested that I remove those people using Twittinesis from my active feed. Unfortunately, this defeats the purpose. I want to read their blog posts. I (and I'm sure others) just don't want space wasted and clutter on my friends page from people's Twitter Reposts. I have no interest in reading it and I shouldn't have to scroll down half a page just to get to the next legitimate journal entry.

I think it's great that LiveJournal is making it easier for users to be able to stay connected with other social networking sites. I subscribe to several RSS Feeds from Blogspot and Wordpress. *I SUBSCRIBE* to them. That means I have control over it. When Twitter reposting was first introduced a lot of people were excited about it. That's great. Let them be. However, I don't want to have to look at half a dozen cuts on my page every day at noon that go to nothing but a bunch of disjointed one liners someone is posting on their twitter page. What's next? I have to look at someone's inane status updates on Facebook and no way to opt out?

At one time, users could opt out of reposts from the LoudTwitter by using this code in custom CSS.

.loudtwitter {
display: none!important

It was a simple fix that anyone other than the most inexpert user could employ. If something like this were made available for blocking Twittinesis (the primary source now that LoudTwitter is gone [for the time being])

Most of us are friends with people because we DO want to read what they have to say in their blog entries. We don't want to remove them from our friends list for this reason. So LJ's suggestion that we just take them off our active feed is basically the same result. It would mean missing their ACTUAL posts just to get rid of the Twitter junk.

Just give us an opt out.

An ordered list of benefits
  • Less Clutter on Friend's Page
  • No need to remove friends from active feeds and miss actual posts.
  • Users have more control over what appears on their pages.
An ordered list of problems/issues involved
  • Other users will not have posts to their tweets displayed on some of their friends pages.
  • New coding will need to be done
  • If custom CSS coding such as the one mentioned above is used, some users may not feel confident in employing that fix.
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