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Improving discovery of like-minded individuals.

Improving discovery of like-minded individuals.

Short, concise description of the idea
Remove limits imposed on number of listed interests and allow searching for users with multiple shared interests.

Full description of the idea
Allow thousands of interests to be listed and allow searching for users with multiple shared interests - in fact, automatically generate a list of the most compatible users based on shared interests and show a percentage next to the username that describes the amount of shared interests. Also, give it a two dimensional aspect. Allow not only the uninhibited listing of interests, but the atmosphere to discuss the interests seamlessly from the profile page. True LiveJournal is all about chronicling ones life, but with LJ you do so publicly and in order to find the most perceptive and receptive audience, it's important to find the right people who are in to the same stuff as you for the same reasons, or even better, for different reasons that they can teach you, thus everyone benefits from the relationship, and when you blog, it's not just to the empty void of cyberspace because you found the right people to talk to.

An ordered list of benefits
  • Communication and interaction will skyrocket. More users will join and LJ will once again seriously contend for a place among the social network giants like facebook and twitter. Relationships will spawn left and right and you'll have more traffic to the site than you've had in years. And think about targeted advertising. Parse the interests for names of films or products and display relevant ads... you'd make a killing.
An ordered list of problems/issues involved
  • More active users means more bandwidth and server drain... time to scale up. Users who don't take the interests feature seriously will be left behind. You might also have to redesign the interests section on the profile page... I'm thinking tabs like facebook.
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