Don't Techno for an Answer (boredinsomniac) wrote in suggestions,
Don't Techno for an Answer

Dropbox: Virtual Gift ideas

I'm starting this post as a "drop box" for new virtual gifts you'd like to see, similar to the one we already have for new S2 style ideas. There usually isn't a lot to discuss when someone has a new vgift idea, and this way, the ideas can all be in one place for a quick look when new vgift ideas are needed. If you'd like to suggest one, please come to this post and make a comment, rather than submitting a new entry. I'll link it from the community profile.

New features or feature changes related to vgifts should still be new Suggestions entries. This post is just for the actual pictures you'd like to see added to the shop.

Ideas from past suggestions:
vuvuzela (world cup is over, but will happen again!)
charity spoon
CF charity roses
power-down switch
magic wand, unicorn, fairy
red cross charity
Obama (another one that will roll around again)
olive branch
new year's
Tags: charity, virtual gifts, § dropbox
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