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Remember when 'hug' wasn't a cuss word?

Modify the userpic resizing tool

Modify the userpic resizing tool

Short, concise description of the idea
The page where one can select the portion of a userpic that they want should either not stop animated userpics from being animated or not show up at all if the userpic is animated.

Full description of the idea
I have attempted to upload two different animated userpics (which were already 100x100 and 100x90, so I wouldn't need to resize them on LiveJournal, and were both live-action), but the page to select the portion I want came up each time even though, in the past, I've been able to upload live-action animated userpics of without the page coming up (although it did appear for an Invader Zim userpic that wasn't animated and was also already 100x100). That wouldn't be so bad if, after I clicked Create Userpic, the userpic were still animated (which is weird, because it was still animated on the Create Userpic page). This problem could be solved with the Create Userpic page being tweaked so that it either doesn't stop animation or, if this is not possible, doesn't show up at all if the userpic is animated. This might be a separate suggestion, but I would also like for it to not appear for userpics that are already 100x100 or smaller, because then there is no use for it and it just takes another page load and another click to create the userpic.

An ordered list of benefits
  • Allows users to upload any animated userpics, not just ones that the Create Userpic page thinks are small enough
  • Saves time when uploading userpics
An ordered list of problems/issues involved
  • It might not be possible to implement a way to keep animated userpics animated or detect whether a given userpic is animated and/or smaller than 100x100
  • I thought it up, which means it's likely that something about it doesn't make sense
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