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Plz let virtual gift SENDERS delete gifts if friendship is REVOKED

Hi! I submitted this as a support ticket yesterday. The reply I received told me I need to submit this to the suggestions forum instead. So, please see below for a paste of what I sent (with a bit more added for clarity). I would *really* appreciate having this as an option! :) Thank you!

Hi, and happy holidays! :) I know a user can choose to remove virtual gifts he/she was sent by someone else. However, I very earnestly ask you to consider also letting the SENDER of a virtual gift remove it from the recipient's profile, *IF* the recipient of the gift has removed the sender from his/her friends list.

There's someone who used to be a close friend (in-person, not just online) who chose to cut me completely out of her life, for no known reason. I never did anything to wrong her. It hurt and confused me deeply. However, for some ridiculous reason, she has not deleted any of the virtual gifts I sent her a long time ago. I feel humiliated by the existence of the gifts on her profile. It almost makes it look like I'm trying to "win back" her friendship by sending virtual gifts. Granted, the gifts were sent years ago, before she became so exclusionary and decided to throw away a good friendship, but no one else would know the age of the gifts simply by looking at them.

This is really bothering me. :( Please allow us the ability to delete virtual gifts we sent someone if that person has taken us off his or her friends list. That is the ONLY situation for which I'm requesting the ability to delete virtual gifts -- only when an LJ friendship has been revoked by the recipient.

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