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Always send a pingback when editing an entry to public security

Always send a pingback when editing an entry to public security

Short, concise description of the idea
Whenever a user edits an entry to make it public, always send a pingback to any linked entries.

Full description of the idea
The original pingback behavior, when pingbacks were introduced last year, was to send a pingback to any linked entries whenever the entry was made public. This meant that you could either post publicly or you could edit an entry that had been posted friends or private (perhaps because of default security level) to public and a pingback woudl be sent to the other linked entry.

Sometime around release 69 this behavior was changed so that a pingback would not be sent, even if the entry was made public. This has two unfortunate effects. 1) Any user with a default security of friends-only or private will never send a pingback to another entry, and 2) anyone wishing to receive pingback notifications cannot trust that all links to their entries are being noted.

I propose changing the pingback system so that whenever an entry is made public, either originally posted as such or edited to public, that a pingback be sent to any linked entries.

An ordered list of benefits
  • Users linking to entries can be assured that the pingback will be sent.
  • Users who are being linked to can be assured that they're receiving all the pingbacks they should.
An ordered list of problems/issues involved
  • Loss of privacy - some people may like the ability to receive pingbacks without sending them, but that's not the intended behavior so I say they can just leave the entries locked if they don't want anyone else to know about them.
  • It might be harder on the pingback system to only check when an entry is made public versus whenever it's edited at all.
Tags: entry editing, pingbacks, § no status
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