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Transfer all public Tweets to LiveJournal

Transfer all public Tweets to LiveJournal

Short, concise description of the idea
With Twitter Connect, return to copying all public @replies from Twitter to LiveJournal, suppressing only replies to private accounts.

Full description of the idea
When Twitter Connect was first introduced, all messages were transferred to LiveJournal. As of the 11/02/2010 edition of lj_releases ( ), "Replies to other users on Twitter won't be included in the digest published".

I suggest suppressing ONLY replies to private accounts.

Many users, myself included, re-tweet anything we are planning to respond to, so that now half of the conversation is being suppressed. And, worst yet, it is the half of the conversation we personally wrote.

Twitter is a more public platform than LiveJournal. Either all tweets are public, or all tweets are private. People with public accounts should realize they are responding in a public setting. Therefore copying public @replies does not represent a privacy issue.

Personally I'm often deliberately replying to something I want to be seen. Writers, musicians, and other celebrities often ask questions wanting to get crowd sourced responses. Those types of @replies do not need to be hidden for privacy sake. And among other fans, those @replies are as valuable as the question that prompted them.

Among most people I follow, the concerns about copying posts and comments from LiveJournal to Twitter or Facebook represented taking something from a closed conversation, and releasing it to a more public group. Copying messages from Twitter to LiveJournal is collecting public messages, for private cataloging. The same security concerns don't exist.

An ordered list of benefits
  • * Full conversations can be transferred from Twitter to LiveJournal for a complete archive.
  • * Only private accounts will have @replies directed to them suppressed, matching the privacy level those Twitter users established for themselves.
An ordered list of problems/issues involved
  • * People may see archived versions of @replies that are only of interest to the individuals having the conversation.
  • * Individuals who don't re-tweet things they plan to respond to will have only half a conversation, even though that will accurately represent what exists in their Twitter timeline.
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