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Alter "Writer's Block" qualifications

Alter "Writer's Block" qualifications

Short, concise description of the idea
Employ a new system to decide what the question of the day will be, as well as adding a new system for feedback from users.

Full description of the idea
While many of us are content to ignore Writer's Block if we have no interest in writing about the question asked, there have been a few instances in the recent past which merit a change.

I am going to suggest new people review these questions. Users, perhaps? A new list of criteria by which to judge them? Additionally

First, Chase has asked four times about LJ users banking by smartphone. This is an unnecessary enough question to ask, and the question has been put up four times. If Chase wants to market here, please make them do it in a more creative fashion; we are LJ users and therefore literate. Another question involved the film Secretariat, which was obvious and silly with its attempt to market the film.

Another example that was never quite addressed was a an offensive question about transgender people, which was then altered to be a question about a criminal. (The second question was offensive by way of implying that trans people are no different than criminals.) I don't know how this system works, but both questions were inappropriate. The problem should have been dealt with quickly, and an explanation offered.

An ordered list of benefits
  • Users will be less annoyed at the Writer's block.
  • Users won't be so annoyed at the companies that are trying to advertise to them, or at LJ for allowing these ridiculous pieces of bad advertising to go through.
  • Users who are annoyed will have someone to make suggestions to, rather than using the Writer's Block as a mouthpiece.
An ordered list of problems/issues involved
  • There may be unnecessary complaining, as is common on the internet.
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