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Aurelia Potter

Ticky Box w/ Delete all Comments - Please add "Are you sure"

Ticky Box w/ Delete all Comments - Please add "Are you sure"

Short, concise description of the idea
I accidentally deleted all of my comments from my post which could have been avoided if "Are you sure?" had popped up.

Full description of the idea
Sometimes when you want to delete a comment, you get a pop-up grey box. And sometimes you're sent to a secondary page with a button to push to delete a comment. Beneath that button is a ticky box that says something to the affect of "delete all comments by this user". Somehow, I ticked it. Before I could even process the horror of this mistake, all of my comments were gone. Where's the "Are you sure?" pop-up before something this drastic happens? How bizarre that you don't get a second chance to realise the horrible mistake you're about to make?

An ordered list of benefits
  • Fewer accidental deletions.
  • Fewer requests for support after accidental deletions.
  • The site really needs to have a more consistent deletion process that doesn't sometimes give you a grey box and sometimes give you a secondary page with this horrible "delete all comments" ticky box.
  • The ticky box should be moved and made HUGELY obvious to avoid further mistakes in the future for other users.
An ordered list of problems/issues involved
  • You'll have to do a bit of work to add in an "ARE YOU SURE?" button, but beyond that, I don't see any drawbacks for this fix. It should have been there to begin with.
Tags: comment deletion, comments, § no status
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