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Add notification on comments and entries published via Facebook Connect

Add notification on comments and entries published via Facebook Connect

Short, concise description of the idea
When a user opts to publish their entry or comment via Facebook Connect/Twitter Connect, a small line of text is added at the end of the entry or comment, similar to what is currently shown on edited comments

Full description of the idea
When a comment is edited, a small line of text is added to the end that says "Edited at [date] [time]". This is done automatically and the editer does not have the option to turn it off.
Could a similar notification be added to comments and entries that are published using the new Facebook Connect and Twitter Connect? Something like "Published to Facebook at [date] [time]" at minimum, or perhaps even including a link to the cross-published item.

An ordered list of benefits
  • Users could confidently know whether comments on their protected entries were being cross-published
  • Notifications would increase awareness of the Connect feature
  • Notifications on cross-published entries would give potential commenters fair warning that comments left on that entry might be viewed by users of multiple social networks
  • Having the date/time of publication allows clarification of exactly when the content was cross-published, since it is currently possible to do so either when entry/comment is originally posted or when the author edits it later
An ordered list of problems/issues involved
  • Might be annoying to see over and over if the user is one who automatically publishes all entries
  • Would need some order of precedence for items that are cross-published to both sites
  • Might also come into conflict if a comment is cross-published and later edited (need to make sure text doesn't overlap etc.)
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