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My dead ancestor can do a better push-up than that

Community Locked Entries On Personal Journals

Community Locked Entries On Personal Journals

Short, concise description of the idea
I request the ability to create entries accessible by only the members of a certain community, but for our personal journals, so leaving the entries opened or adding everyone who is part of a community to your friends list is unnecessary.

Full description of the idea
If I want to make an entry taht should only be opened to members of a community I'm part of and don't want anyone from outside of that community to be able to see it I would have to make it inside of the community's journal. However, this means it could easily be lost inside of the community's entries, if it gets a lot. Other options I have are adding everyone from the community to my friends list(which is tedious if there are many people, even with the admin console, and is a breach of security for other friends-only entres) and friend-locking the entry, or, of course, simply leaving the entry open to the public.

I suggest that we be allowed to lock entries to people of certain communities, to solve this problem. This will mostly be for people who actually partake in a community or share things with it, yes, but I still think it will somehow be useful, if only for those people. This could also be implemented for other communities, as well, so that only members of a main community can see entries posted to one of it's sister/child communities, although I mainly had it intended for our personal journals.

An ordered list of benefits
  • Less security breaches/Higher security, especially for things like shared videos, stories, or pictures.
  • Prevention of random, seemingly stalker-like friend-adds just to see content of entries.
An ordered list of problems/issues involved
  • It may not be an especially widely used feature.
  • Someone would have to code it and that would take time.
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