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allow people to re-send notification emails to themselves

allow people to re-send notification emails to themselves

Short, concise description of the idea
Add a box on each comment, that allows you to click on it to get the email comment re-sent to you.

Full description of the idea
Sometimes, notification emails get lost or accidentally deleted. Recently, LiveJournal had a major outage of notifications that lasted over 24 hours. Spam filter changes can also cause comments to be accidentally lost.

Allow people to go to a particular comment they want re-sent, and click on an icon to have LiveJournal re-send the email, as if the person was tracking that thread/post. Must be logged in to do this, of course, and must be able to see the comment.

Note: When I last submitted this suggestion, a moderator rejected it due to the (IMO ridiculous) notion that it's the same suggestion as That one is a substantially different idea and would not satisfy the purposes of this suggestion. *This* suggestion is to enable you to go to some post - any post - where you can see the comments, and choose comments to be re-sent to you. It works regardless of whether you've had them sent to your LJ inbox, whether you've deleted your LJ inbox, whether they were in your LJ inbox at some point but got pushed out by newer messages, etc. You can also find the comments more easily in context, rather than having to locate them in your inbox even if they actually are there. And, above all, one of the main purposes of this suggestion is to allow you to make up for times when LJ notifications are broken - and that sometimes means *both* email and inbox notifications are broken, so having the ability to re-send from the inbox would be pointless in such cases.

I feel very frustrated for having to type out the above, because to me these look like very obviously different suggestions. I don't know what LJ suggestions gains by overbroadly rejecting suggestions that seem to have something to do with each other even when they're very different.

An ordered list of benefits
  • When reading a high volume thread, it is often much easier to follow using the threading features of email, but missing comments break up the thread connections and make that less useful. This would allow people to easily re-stitch the threads together by finding the missing comments on LJ and re-sending them.
  • I save all comments made on my own journal in a mailbox I use for searching, which makes it much easier to find discussions that happened in my journal. If I become aware of a problem that caused comments to be missing, this would give me an easy way to fill in the gaps.
  • A feature like this could also help people debug their own email notification problems before asking LJ support for help. If someone suspects they're missing comments, they can try re-sending one or two and watching for them, and perhaps watching their spam filters, and may be able to find and fix the problem on their own. If not, they'll at least have better information to open a support request with.
An ordered list of problems/issues involved
  • Extra load on LJ's email servers if people use this feature extensively. I suspect it won't get such heavy use, and won't contribute significantly to LJ's overall email notification volume. If it does, however, it could be limited to no more than a certain number of comments per week or per month for unpaid users.
  • Privacy concerns: None. You can already see the comment in question. There are already plenty of easy and convenient ways to save it if you want to: copy & paste, browser's "save" function, your computer's screenshot feature. This suggestion would not in any way make it easier to save copies of comments that you can see, it would only make it easier to get them in *email* form (with the associated headers for threading).
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