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Create an "Onsite viewing only" security level

Create an "Onsite viewing only" security level

Short, concise description of the idea
Create a new security level that, when enabled, disallows offsite visibility and dissemination of an entry & also disallows openID and Facebook-ID accounts from commenting.

Full description of the idea
While the idea of creating a security level that only shows entries to logged-in readers has been suggested before, it has also been dismissed before as providing a false sense of security to those who would use it. This suggestion is not that.

The idea here is to create a different kind of security. Entries made under this "Onsite viewing only" security level would be fully visible to all readers at LiveJournal (friends, logged-in with all account types, logged-out) but would not be visible offsite. This means that the "Share This" and "Crosspost comment" options would be unavailable, as if the entry were friends-locked. It would mean that RSS feeds of the journal would not include that entry.

In addition this security level should also change how openID and Facebook-ID users (aka external users) are treated for commenting purposes. With this security level enabled external users who are not friends of the original entry author will be treated as anonymous. So if the author allows anonymous commenting then nothing will change, but if the author only allows commenting from registered users (or friends) only then external users will not be able to comment.

Note that this suggestion is an original idea from cahwyguy. Further discussion can be seen at his original entry.

An ordered list of benefits
  • Will ameliorate the concerns of those who want to maintain an open atmosphere but prefer a limited distribution to their entries.
  • Will allow users further control over who can comment in their journal.
An ordered list of problems/issues involved
  • Might be confused for the oft-requested "only visible to LJ users" security level. This could be lessened by making it clear in the name and maybe by placing it under Custom in the list of security levels.
  • External users may be confused as to why they can comment to some journals and not others.
Tags: entry viewing, external services, external services: other sites, facebook twitter connect, openid, security levels, syndication, § no status
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