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Ability to preview LJ cuts before submitting posts

Ability to preview LJ cuts before submitting posts

Short, concise description of the idea
Having the ability to preview the whole post and see the LJ cut (if needed) in place before submitting your post to a journal.

Full description of the idea
We are currently unable to view any LJ cuts that are placed within a large post before submitting it to be posted on a journal or community. Sometimes mistakes can happen and the cuts don't work, causing problems for the poster to fix the cut right away or redo the whole post. It would be great if the LJ cut (if needed) showed up and the post would be viewed in preview just like it would on a journal or community main page. We could click on it (the LJ cut) just like in a regular post, but it would still stay in the preview mode until we clicked off. There could be a back and forward button on the preview screen to go back to the main page of the post. We would be able to preview the whole post and see how it would look for real on any journal or community. This way we would still be in preview mode and be able to fix anything that needed to be fixed before submitting.

An ordered list of benefits
  • If any issues show up with the cut in the preview, the poster can fix it before submitting it.
    Reduce community mob-mentality when a cut doesn't work.
    Allow each poster to be thorough when posting.
An ordered list of problems/issues involved
  • Any technical issues that could arise by adding the ability to view the entire post with cuts in preview.
    New posters not understanding how cuts work and potentially messing up the post.
Tags: entries, entry creation, lj-specific markup, previews, § no status
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