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Allow postdated entries for community maintainers

Allow postdated entries for community maintainers

Short, concise description of the idea
The title is pretty clear : I'd like community maintainers to be able to postdate entries, not moderators, only maintainers

Full description of the idea
The difference between postdated entries and sticky posts is that people cannot comment on a sticky post. That's why I'm proposing this.

What I'd like to have on my community is a post that stays on top for a certain period of time until its date goes into the normal flow of time. This would allow the community to have a weekly or monthly topic (where people can actually comment) that would not be drowned into the flow of daily entries and thus this entry would be easier to follow. Because with the current system, people get interested in the subject the first day and then it's rapidly forgotten...

An ordered list of benefits
  • - would make easier the organisation of periodic activities or topics for communities => community more lively
  • For example monthly polls, games or competitions, topic of discussion for a new release posted with the release date for all anticipating comments... and various other things depending on the focus of the community...
An ordered list of problems/issues involved
  • - might be difficult to implement ? if it's the case it could be a feature for paid communities only... paid communities don't have many advantages compared to basic ones...
Tags: communities, community maintenance, date out of order / backdate, § no status
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