Adam R. Monteith (saltamonte) wrote in suggestions,
Adam R. Monteith

Mixed case in entry tags

Mixed case in entry tags

Short, concise description of the idea
Allow use of both uppercase & lowercase letters for the tags users put on their posts.

Full description of the idea
I have friends who are interested in things like WoW, or like recording CDs. I personally am a first-year law student, commonly referred to as a 1L. Due to livejournal's conversion of all tag names to lowercase, I thought my game-playing friends had a lot of exciting posts, since many of them were tagged "wow," and I wonder what people with just the wrong screen font will come up with to explain why I have an "11" tag.

(Now that I'm done playing Captain Obvious, I'll get on with it.) Even if LJ wants the actual HTML/ XHTML/ WhateverML code in all lowercase, I think (with my stale memory of programming/ web-page-writing) it should be possible to leave the names of the tags alone. (After all, you leave the "location" text in mixed-case, and that gets turned into a link, too.)

It seems like a small thing, and I've checked through all the suggestions tagged "tags" and haven't seen it, so I'm "putting it out there," as they say.

An ordered list of benefits
  • If I work for the Department of Transportation and name my daughter Dorothy, I might even be able to have visibly different 'DOT' and 'Dot' tags (but if that's not feasible due to coding limitations, at least no one has to wonder why I'm writing so many posts about dots).
  • I don't want to be 1l forever, or spend 1l years in law school, but it was fun being a 1L.
  • Seriously: I just like to have the option to capitalize when I'm s'posed to. I'm one of those people.
An ordered list of problems/issues involved
  • I am aware that mixed case and web-authoring don't mix (so to speak), and that a lot of that is intentional (which is why people don't have to remember to capitalize my initials if they want to email But as far as I'm aware, it doesn't hurt the Internet (which my spell-checker says is capitalized--huh!) if they do use the caps.
  • Maybe I'm the only person on the 'net who cares, and the devs would rather I got over it? *sniff*
Tags: data limitations, tags, § no status
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