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Following Your Own Anonymous Comments

Following Your Own Anonymous Comments

Short, concise description of the idea
If you post an anonymous comment logged in, via the radio buttons on the comment page, you should be notified of any replies, in the same way as if you post normally.

Full description of the idea
If you are taking part in a discussion on an anonymous community, it's much more difficult to keep track of where you have commented, and what other people have said in reply. If you have commented while logged in, then the system must "know" who made that comment. So there should be an option for any replies to be sent to you, in the same way as they are if you comment with your identity visible.

An ordered list of benefits
  • Being able to carry on conversations in anonymous communities without having to track your own threads.
  • Being able to keep a track of what comments you've made, whether with your name attached or anonymous.
An ordered list of problems/issues involved
  • There will be two different sorts of anonymous comments, the ones made by logged-in users, and the kind by people who are logged out, which will be needed to be treated by the system in different ways. I don't how much more difficult that would make things.

ETA From comments, I understand that this isn't technically possible, without major changes to the way LJ works. That's a shame, but it was just a long-shot of asking for something that would make my use of the site easier. Thank you to everyone for your replies.
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