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Keeping Screened Comments Screened When Replying

Keeping Screened Comments Screened When Replying

Short, concise description of the idea
Include an option for comments to remain screened even though they have been replied to. Alternatively, do not e-mail or otherwise notify people who are not the commenter or journal owner to maintain privacy of screened content.

Full description of the idea
While this is a re-post of I would like to have this here as an alternative suggestion because I've gone into a bit more detail below.

My First Suggestion
I use my LJ to post calls for Christmas cards/other correspondence. By default, all comments are screened on these posts, so that people feel safe leaving their addresses with me. I get a ton of traffic on these posts and that's a lot of addresses. Sometimes there are questions from them to me. Sometimes there are "Send me one!" comments from people who have neglected to choose an option (I have a few choices sometimes). Sometimes people leave their college addresses and forget that they're graduating and should be giving me a forwarding address instead. You know, things like that.

If I reply to the comment, then their comment gets unscreened, and here is the important part: it is e-mailed to anyone who has "Track This" and "send to e-mail" turned on. And if I forget this... then one of my friends' _HOME_ addresses gets leaked to any Tom, Dick, or Harry, who's decided to come by and track comments. I could send them a private LJ message, but some people have messaging turned off.

Therefore: I would REALLY appreciate being able to choose a ticky box that says, "Keep comment screened" when replying to these. ♥

As an alternative...
A post on suggestions here ( ) talks about the behaviour of "track this" with regards to unscreening screened comments. If my above suggestion is not viable from a programming standpoint, I'd like to suggest that replies to screened comments actually be sent only to the OP (journal owner) and the commenter.

An ordered list of benefits
  • Maintain privacy for commenters (avoid e-mailing sensitive information)
  • Remove one step for people who want to keep comments screened after replying to them.
  • With the tickybox option, retain current unscreening behaviour for people who want to keep the old ways.
An ordered list of problems/issues involved
  • Livejournal seems to be having server load issues lately, and this might increase server load. Would making this a paid feature reduce impact?
  • I'm afraid I'm not qualified to address programming drawbacks, but seems to have some really detailed technical stuff. I'm not sure how much of that applies in this case, but I thought it should be included here for completeness's sake.
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