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More features for support request board

More features for support request board

Short, concise description of the idea
The support request board is a very basic tool that would benefit from a little make-over.

Full description of the idea
- Sometimes I'm interested in the answer to a specific question. It should be possible to mark requests as "favourites" to make it easier to come back to them at a later date. (Bookmarking them is a hassle, because you have to type in a title manually as only the number is displayed.

- For the individual user it should be possible to see a list of *all* the request they've ever replied to. For some reason these requests vanish after a while.
(Edit: This can be achived by visiting the following link: - thanks, guys, I already found out ^^ - It would, however, be awesome, to have this link on the main support site as well.)

- It should be possible to type the number of the FAQ you need to answer a request with into an additional text box on the answering page (maybe next to the drop-down menu), so if you know the number already you don't need to search for the FAQ again in the FAQ reference list.
(Edit: There is a Greasemonkey script doing that here, thanks both, azurelunatic and sonneta)

- The abbreviations regarding the different languages "[ru]", "[de]" etc. should be given a column of their own - that way it would be possible to search for them as a whole within the board and not individually with the browser's search feature.

(Some of these features may already exist for experienced support staff, but not for those who just started. Or maybe they're there and I'm just too thick to find them. Either way I wanted to point them out. I bet there are heaps more that would improve the usability of the board.)

An ordered list of benefits
  • - working on the support board would become easier, faster and more convenient
    - people would be more inclined to educate themselves on the replies to questions they don't know the answers to instead of bookmarking the requests, but ultimately forgetting about them.
An ordered list of problems/issues involved
  • - Coding all this will create additional work for the programmers.
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