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Virtual Gift Bank Account

Virtual Gift Bank Account

Short, concise description of the idea
Create a gift bank account that will allow the member to purchase virtual gifts with.

Full description of the idea
The member can buy a Virtual Gift Bank Account that will create a balance allowing the member to purchase smaller virtual gift amounts (less than $5). The amount would be deducted and the remaining left for use the next time the member wishes to use it.

I was discouraged from buying a virtual gift because I do not want to get my credit card out every time I want to send a $.99 gift. If I had a gift band account I could add money to it when I wanted and would use it often.

For me that might mean sending as much as 10 to 20 gifts through out the month. If I have to get my card out each time it won't happen.

I would also let the member use money in that account to purchase any/all other services available to them.

It could either be a "value added" advantage for a paid account or an add on.

An ordered list of benefits
  • Members will send gifts through out the month as the spirit hits them. Virtual gifts are more likely to be impulse gifts.
  • A Virtual Gift Bank Account will allow the member to add money in preset amounts ($5,10,16,20) into an account then use that money to purchase any gift/services available to members.
  • The convince of "depositing" a larger amount into an account that I can then use to buy smaller virtual gifts will encourage me to buy more gifts.
  • Those who's credit cards charge for internet use are more likely to use it to deposit money for future use than purchase one or more gifts at one time.
  • It is likely more gifts will be purchased if they are done as an impulse (I read something that inspired me and I want to say thank you) than to save up the names and do them all at once.
An ordered list of problems/issues involved
  • I am unaware of the cost of ruining a "bank" like this, therefore, also unaware of the added cost to the member.
  • There is always the issue that you may go to the problem of setting it up and there is not enough member buy in.
  • It is obvious I have a problem with the way the virtual gist system is set up now and will probably not use it is it's current form, so it is difficult for me to come up with any other problems. However, I am sure someone else has or will.
Tags: gift shop, payments, virtual gifts, § implemented
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