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Decrease the space taken up by poll results

Decrease the space taken up by poll results

Short, concise description of the idea
For the sake and sanity of people's Friends pages, there needs to be a way to decrease the space taken up by the results for polls that aren't lj-cut.

Full description of the idea
(Please ignore the date of this post. This is something I've wanted to post a suggestion about forever because it's something that's driven me nuts for ages.)

Polls that one hasn't voted in yet take up a little space. However, once you have submitted a vote to it (blank or not), the results will always display. While convenient, this behavior seems to at least double the amount of space that the poll takes up in the same entry, effectively adding one or more extra pagescrolls to the entry (unless the poll only consisted of one question with fewer than five options, etc.). If the poll isn't lj-cut, this can effectively and needlessly spam someone's Friends page. (The downside to lj-cutting some polls is that not everyone bothers to follow lj-cuts, even if the poll might be relevant to their interests.)

Although I don't know much from the technical side of things, it looks to me like this is due to extraneous whitespace between each of the individual results. If there's a way to decrease (or eliminate it) in a way that doesn't compromise readability, I would like to see that happen. Or maybe the graphics used for the results could be decreased in size. I'm open to other suggestions because I'm not the most creative person in the world. XD;

An ordered list of benefits
  • Less wasted space used up in entries containing polls
  • Less unwanted spam on Friends page views where even small polls can take up an entire pagescroll if they aren't lj-cut
  • More polls can possibly be posted without lj-cuts, without the worry that they will take up excessive space
An ordered list of problems/issues involved
  • As usual, the time and trouble to code and implement this
  • It might not be feasible, from a developing standpoint, to decrease the space taken up by poll results without compromising readability
  • Again, besides the two possibilities I came up with, I haven't been able to think of other ways to accomplish this
  • People might prefer that all polls be lj-cut, whether or not they take up excessive space
  • People might like the poll results the way they are now, and decreasing their size might make it harder for them to read them
  • And others I haven't thought of
Tags: lj-specific markup, polls, § no status
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