Res facta quae tamen fingi potuit (pauamma) wrote in suggestions,
Res facta quae tamen fingi potuit

Restore vgift autoremoval from profile after 2 weeks

Restore vgift autoremoval from profile after 2 weeks

Short, concise description of the idea
Restore automatic vgift removal from profile 2 weeks after they were sent, instead of requiring recipient to remove them by hand.

Full description of the idea
A recent change caused the latest dozen vgifts to remain on the profile page after 2 weeks, or return to it if they were older than 2 weeks and had already left the profile. When using the "Remove from profile" vgift option, the only result is that *another* vgift that wasn't explicitly removed will reappear, so that workaround doesn't scale well.

An ordered list of benefits
  • No permanent profile ugliness
  • No spurious (and perhaps unwanted) reappearance of long-gone vgifts
  • No user action required to keep profile clutter under control
An ordered list of problems/issues involved
  • Inconvenience or disappointment to users (if any) who liked that change
Tags: profile/userinfo, virtual gifts, § no status
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