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New feature

New feature

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finding all user posts with just one click

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Hi, the other day when I tried to search for a particular entry I had posted quite a long time ago in a LJ community, I realized how problematic and difficult it was, as I had to go through the entire community again just to search for that 1 particular entry I made, which I don't even remember exactly when I had posted it. And the community I posted the entry in is very big, there's been A LOT of entries posted there since then. It's very inconvenient, and a hassle to go through the whole community.

So I think it would be a good idea if there's a feature that gathers ALL the entries a user has made, both in their own LJs and in LJ communities, and enables the user to find all their entries with just a click and reveals a page that shows them all their entries.
I think this would be a very handle, and beneficial feature, and not to mention very convenient.

Although users can always add their entries to their memories...but I think this feature is more practical as it would be automatic...while with memories, users have to manually add their entries. Besides the memories are mainly designed for users to save certain entries which they love.

With this new feature, if they decide to edit a particular entry they posted in a LJ community quite a long time ago, they can just use the feature and then search for the entry they're looking for on the page and edit it. They'll be able to find the entry much quicker and there's no hassle.

An ordered list of benefits
  • - can easily help users find all the entries they've posted in both their own LJs and LJ communities
    - very convenient and simple
    - saves a lot of time for users in having to search for their entries in all those LJ communities
An ordered list of problems/issues involved
  • be honest, I can't think of any cons with this feature...I think it's an all-round fantastic and convenient feature.
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