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Protecting Users

Protecting Users

Short, concise description of the idea
Various proposals on restricting access to a person's LJ by unsavoury individuals and protecting the right of an LJ author to protect their work.

Full description of the idea
1) Instead of allowing users to simply friend another person, the friending process should be made subject to the other person's approval (like how it is with closed communities on LJ where one must have moderator approval).

2) Allow users to ban certain other users from accessing their journal, similar to how a firewall can ban certain websites from coming up and akin to how a person may prevent certain people from emailing them. This way for fic authors, they can attract new readers by posting publicly but avoid the problem  of their unwanted readers.

3) Allow users to defriend other people without a pesky auto notification to the person they're defriending

4) There is a comm called spnstoryfinders on LJ which allows other users to recommend links to entries in other people's journals without asking that other person's permission. Being a believer in asking permission before doing so, I move to ask the community be made to contain a list of 'non-participating users'. [This comes after having already discussed with comm moderators to no avail]

An ordered list of benefits

  • 1) There are many people on LJ who disapprove of the current friending practice here on LJ. It's not right that a person can just add you.

  • 2) This would allow people to keep their entries public to attract new readers, but allows them the opportunity to ban other users who have proven themselves to be 'unsavoury'. I understand there is a function allowing a user to block other users from commenting, but they still would be able to READ your entries and why reward them like that? This suggestion will offer added benefits

  • 3) Having an auto-notification feature for de-friending would defeat the purpose of de-friending a person. Otherwise you run the risk of the de-friended person immediately running to you and demanding answers when you probably had wanted to let them go quietly.

  • 4) As the author of an entry, the author should have the right to decide where to post their links. If they do not wish to be a part of that community, it is their right to insist links to their entries not be included therein. [This comes after having already discussed with comm moderators to no avail]

An ordered list of problems/issues involved

  • The only drawbacks I can think of are for 2) and 4) which makes it difficult to accomplish although not necessarily impossible

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